About Us - The Founder


I am an information pack rat. While some people collect shoes, dolls, guns, or comic books, I hold onto information like the Smithsonian. I have boxes and boxes of old magazines all related to personal finance, investing, real estate, business, and entrepreneurship. While certainly most (if not all) of this content has long been digitized, I started this collection over three decades ago, long before the Web and the iPhone took off.

The purpose of the exercise was always the same, I had a fascination with financially successful people, and wanted to learn everything there was to know about how people (and companies) made their money.

I’ve tried every money-making scheme you can think of and part of UNEarned Inc.’s mission is to help others avoid the same fate – years of failed businesses and investment ideas. And when I say everything, it runs the gamut:

  • Newspaper rolling and envelope stuffing
  • Amway®
  • Vending machine management
  • Real estate sales (single-family, land, multi-family)
  • Fixing and managing rental properties
  • Stock and options investing
  • Custom t-shirts, gift baskets, and more
  • Comic book trading
  • Classified ad sales
  • Crypto buying and staking
  • Crowdfunding
  • Self-publishing books
  • Affiliate referral links
  • And yes… was even approached with the Blessing Loom scheme

I’ve went through all this crap (unintentionally) to finally figure out what was real, practical, and not going to land you in prison.

From launching my own single-person ventures, working in private enterprises, government entities, and Fortune 50 companies, I can emphatically say, there is no easy shortcuts to making a steady and reliable passive income that can last decades.

If you’re looking for the silver bullet (and not silver bullion), you’re better off not investing in our membership. But if you’re between the ages of 20 to 80 and want to know how to maximize your money and make it work for you, then you’re in the right place.

My frustration with information has always been the difficulty in recalling something beneficial that you may have read or seen years ago. The world of money and investing is constantly growing and some very old tips and tricks that were developed decades ago still hold relevance today. Likewise, there are newer methods, and new investment vehicles for building wealth that didn’t exist a century ago. UNEarned Inc.’s mission is to bring all this information into one massive library for those passionate about investing for passive income. My goal is to cut through endless searches on Google, visiting random sites to find the best investment ideas.

I never thought collecting magazines and news clippings about money and investing would result in this calling, but I am glad it did. This body of work will live on long after I am gone to help the next generations live a more fulfilling life, one where they are not concerned about job layoffs or when their next paycheck arrives.

Money, in all its forms, when used properly IS a blessing for you, family, and loved ones.

I hope you join me on this journey.

- Brian W. (founder of UNEarned Inc.)