13F Filings

13 F Filings from Popular Firms

13F filings are required to be filed by investment managers each quarter (45 days after quarter end) to disclose what U.S. equities (e.g. stocks) the firm is holding. Form 13F is sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission and this process helps provide more transparency in the market on who owns a large number of shares.

Because the filing can happen no later than 45 days after the previous quarter, it is not a real-time report. Firms may have already disposed of their positions by the time the report is made public. However, for quality companies, it is a useful report to review to see where firms are consistently adding (i.e. buying shares) to their position. As you will see below, famed investors like Warren Buffett who runs Berkshire Hathaway must have their companies report each quarter on their 13F.